Restoring the Playfield

I’m desperately trying to understand the best way to restore my playfield.

By looking through several forums on line, I thought I’d found the answer to one of my problems (how I can touch up the diamond plate overcoat once I’ve touched up the playfield with coloured acrylic paints): water based floor varnish seemed to provide the answer.

Just to check, I posted a thread on my favourite forum ( to ask the question.

The subsequent replies proved to me I was wrong. Or was I?

As there doesn’t appear to be a definitive answer, I’m tending towards a compromise:

The best coating would appear to be a so called 2 component clear coating (2k) as used in the automotive industry, which, because of its two components (a paint and a hardener) sets very quickly is very hard and is very resistant to UV light – which causes “yellowing” over time. However, once mixed this paint has no shelf life. Not a good product to use for minor touch-ups then.

However, I found a similar, 1k product, which would appear to have similar properties to the 2k variant but have a longer shelf life AND is availbale in a spray can – basically everything I was after. The product is a 1k clear coating from ColorMatic.

1k Clear Coating from ColorMatic

1k Clear Coating from ColorMatic

Now to find a local source….

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