New plastic ramp

Received a new (used) plastic ramp today.

Bought it on eBay from “reaload” for 33.50 Euro – a real bargain – although I had been a bit sceptical about bidding on the part:

“reaload” is apparently breaking down a TAF at the moment and had a display on offer. With my current situation on my display I thought this would be a good opportunity to get a fully working display. His description seemed very positive, but there was no mention of “gassing”. So I asked the question whether he could confirm that there was no gassing – no reply. Two follow up questions – no reply. I didn’t know why reaload was ignoring me, but I didn’t have a good feeling about it.

So when, at the same time, there was a plastic ramp up for grabs, also from the same seller, I was sceptical. But still went ahead with the bidding process.

Well, having received the part today, I can say that I am totally delighted. No cracks and only slight wear marks where the pinball has travelled. Even the mounting holes are not cracked (like my current plastic ramp). I’m sure that when I’ve polished it with a bit of Novus 3 it will be (almost) like new!

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