Where to next?

I’m in a quandry. I really don’t know what to do. I know I’m going to be taking off all of my plastics (including the new ramp and the entire bookcase assembly) to renew them, change all the rubbers, put in some coloured light bulbs where I think they would have a great affect and tumble all of the metal parts so that they really shine, but I really don’t know what to do with the playfield.

I really would like to completely renovate the playfield, but in so doing would require me to take off more of the playfield parts than I would like and it would also take me much longer than I had planned for all of this.

So what do I do?

I will, of course, repair the mess under the ball-drop in the right flipper lane as best I can and build in protectors at all out-holes, but what about the mansion and magnet burn? I’m hoping that by polishing the playfield where the burn is with Novus 3, the oxidised paint can be removed – we’ll have to see. If not, my options will be to leave it or buy a magnet-burn decal to cover this area. Whereas I like this simple idea, unfortunately to do so will mean me having to remove the mylar from the middle left of the playfield. Even though I’ve now got some magic Goo Gone, I’m still in two minds about taking this route.

Also, for the damaged playfield in the magnet burn area and the mansion, I could touch the areas up with acrylic paint, but how long would that stay repaired? Would I be better off protecting this repaired this with a new mylar? Or should I buy one of the mansion overlays available? If I did buy an overlay, how would this react at the ‘dimples’ in the surface where the plastic covering the inserts is worn away?

So many questions and just not enough answers……yet.

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