Assembling the bookcase

Whilst deliberating on how to proceed with the renovation of my TAF (and how to find the necessary time, of course) just for fun, I tried to put all the parts of my new bookcase together to see how it would look .

Everything went fine until I tried to fit the bookcase padding, as it would appear to be too thick for the bookcase.

A tight squeeze

A tight squeeze

As the photo shows, the rubber (without backing paper) is 7,2mm thick. The actual spacing, however, is 6mm.

Sure I could squeeze it in (after all it is only rubber) but I wouldn’t know how to  do this with the backing paper removed: to squeeze it in requires placing the rubber against the bookcase front and then sliding it down (under compression)  into its final resting place behind the stops on the base. If I were to attempt this with the backing paper removed however, the rubber would just stick to the bookcase front as soon as it touches, thereby not letting me slide it down under compression.

Time to contact the shop where I bought the parts  (Best of Pinball) for their help…

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