Unfair gameplay?

Despite not having Thing’s hand attached, the pinball continues to play well (the pinball automatically adjusts itself to play with a broken – or in my case missing – hand). So I had a few games last night. However I discovered an interesting phenomenon:

As I was getting to the required 3 Train Wrecks and 13 Bear Kicks to light the Extra Ball, all of a sudden the flippers appeared to weaken making the shots more difficult to achieve. Needless to say, I didn’t achieve them.

So what was this? Added intelligence preventing me form reaching my goals?

So I opened a thread on RGP and flippermarkt.de (my favourite stop off points for such questions) and it wasn’t too long before it was clarified to me that if you use the flippers a lot, they tend to warm-up and thereby get weaker.

So that’s another fact I’m going to have to take into account on my way to becoming a pinball wizard!

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