Decals for my Apron

Well I now have two aprons which, in order to convert to a proper TAF apron, require me to paint, apply decals and finally apply a clear coating.

The only problem is I don’t like the standard decals that are available for the TAF apron and which you can easily buy on the internet, as they’re too thick. What I’m after is something more similar to the original – a transfer decal.

Things are never easy though and with the TAF apron the requirement is for a white decal on a black background, so printing on a transparent transfer foil (like a tattoo foil) isn’t an option as printers (both inkjet and laser) can’t print white ink. An option could be printing onto white transfer paper, but once again this isn’t ideal, as the decal would need to be carefully cut out and may leave a white border at the edges.

To look for an alternative, I’ve already trawled the internet and found the potentially ideal solution: PulsarProFx sell a dry transfer kit (DecalProFx) which can produce very thin decals – even in white – using nothing more than a laser printer and special transfer paper. The process is complex but the results look good.

I purchased a DecalProFx kit a while back and have tried over the last few moths to produce the decals for the TAF apron. However to date I haven’t succeeded, unfortunately, even with the help of the manufacturer. I will continue to persevere with this, but am beginning to lose confidence in this method as a viable solution.

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