…still waiting

From the time of winning my TAF on eBay and the delivery of the pinball machine, what seemed like ages have gone by. Time enough to do some research in the internet to see what was available for my newly acquired “toy”. The four most important items I have found online to-date are:

  1. The 1992 TAF Manual
  2. The 1994 TAF Special Collectors Edition Gold Edition manual
  3. The TAF Operators manual
  4. The WPC Schematic Manual

Interestingly, a lot of web-sites offer these manuals online for a fee of between 10 and 30 Euro (or Dollars)!

In addition, I found plenty of useful web-sites, a list of which can be found here (in no particular order and is continuing to grow by the day). See comment below….

From this research, I was excited to discover the “Thing flips” feature, where a flipper automatically shoots a ball into The Swamp with better accuracy than a human. In fact, this flipper function is continuously improving itself to improve its accuracy. Now this sounds an interesting feature and is something which I, for one, have never been aware of! I look forward to trying it out….

Also the diagnostics menu is new to me and is something I’m also looking forward to trying out….

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  1. admin Says:

    I looked at my blog today for the first time in ages and checked out the links in this post, the majority of which are no longer working and a couple of which redirect to some dodgy websites! I’m going to leave it as is though, for prosperity!

    The manuals are a super resource though – enjoy!

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