Flasher Problem solved

Well, I didn’t have to wait until stripping the playfield as reported in my last post.

I was just checking out the flasher connectors under the playfield today and it turns out the problem was with the 2 pole connector for the Train Flasher. This connector had bad contacts. Having widened the male connector poles of the plug and made the female receptacles tighter in the socket and connected everything back up, the flashers flashed in their full flashing glory!

As the black/red wire from this connector also feeds the Upper Left Ramp Flasher, this flasher also suffered from the bad connection.

If only I had started from this end and worked my way up…..

So I tried out the pinball machine with the “new flashers” and boy did it make a difference! All flashers seemed brighter and the top left hand corner of the playfield was lit up as never before! Fantastic.

It actually gave me such a rush I played a game and after the very first ball I had scored over 53 Million – unprecedented! I finished off the game (yes, I know, after 5 balls) with a new high score of:



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