Am I cheating?

Well with my new MCU board and L7 rom, the game certainly is a little different now: the display for one shows a larger score during play which takes up most of the display. I’ve also notice that the pinballs eject into the shooter lane more smoothly.

An additional adjustment which I had made in the setup menu prior to playing was to award extra balls instead of extra games as rewards. I thought this made more sense, as games are free anyway and awarding extra balls may make the game a little more interesting (if not longer).

So when I played this evening (purely to test the MCU board, you’ll understand) in my very first game, not only did I manage to complete the mansion for the first time, but I once again became Grand Champion, with a score of


Although I was very happy with this, I was left with a strange taste in my mouth, as I’m not sure that with all of these extra balls and a 5 ball set up, it’s not just cheating a little.

Maybe I should revert the game back to 3 ball play with the extra ball setup? Or was this just beginners luck? Let’s wait and see….

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