Power Connectors

I’ve recently been getting machine resets on the TAF whenever I’ve switched it on. Not knowing why this should be occuring (there’s not a lot attached to the machine currently) I decided to take the opportunity to replace the power plugs and pin connectors on the power board.

In order to accomplish this, I used my newly acquired Aoyue 474A+ desoldering station, which has recently been recommended in several gaming forums as being easy to use and very cost effective.

Aoyue 474A+ desoldering station

It turns out to be very easy to use and gives good results:

J115 pins remove from board

What was left of J115 pin connector

Having replaced the pin connector on the board it was time to replace the plugs:

Old J115 plug connector showing overheating

Despite the numerous recommendation on the pinball newsgroup and forums to use Molex plugs with tri-furcon connectors, the company Pancon produces a range of IDC connectors which are similar to the originals but which can withstand a higher working temperature (the MAS CON range). Ideal for the power connectors on the power board.

I managed to find a local source of these and purchased them. Unfortunately, my local supplier only had 6 pin versions available, so in order to replace the 12 pin J115 two such plugs were needed.

Pancon Mas-con plugs for J115

At the same time I replaced the connector plug for the GI circuits (J121) which, being 11 pin required one of the 6 pin plugs to be cut to 5 pin.

Pancon Mas-con plugs for J121

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