Playfield complete

I finished the playfield today – including all the new modules:

Completed playfield

New left curtain module in-situ

In addition to the new screw cap flasher housing, the new left curtain module has a lower plastic with a lip which now hides the rear of the opto sensor and the GI lamp is now attached to the bottom plastic (instead of the top) to help light distribution. To match colours, a home-made right curtain plastic has also been included:

New right curtain plastic in-situ

The new telephone module is the same (apart from the screw cap for the flasher):

New telephone module in-situ

Additional enhancements included the use of Cliffy’s coloured sleeves:

Examples of Cliffy's coloured sleeves in-situ

Thing’s hand had always disturbed me, because the moulded hand include a space between thumb and first finger which was also flesh coloured. So I simply coloured this area in with a black marker pen. A minimal enhancement with maximum effect:

Thing's hand slightly modified

And, of course the new signed translite:

Translite in-situ

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