Coil error

As I want to demonstrate the pinball machine to relatives tomorrow, I’ve had to put the machine back together again without completing it as I would like. This includes not finishing the apron.

As I put the (unfinished) apron on today I noticed it was a bit tight, but I got it on.

When I switched on the machine for the first time thereafter, sparks flew from the apron! I quickly switched the machine back off.

What I had managed to do was to put the Outhole kickout coil, which sits on the top of the playfield (and under the apron) on the wrong way, so that the terminals were facing upwards. As I put the apron on, I therefore shorted the coil contacts, so that on switch on sparks flew. Fortunately I was able to switch the machine off before doing any permanent damage!

I realigned the coil, so that it was laying down in the correct position before putting the apron back on. And switched on.

Everything worked fine. Phew!

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