A breakthrough!

A breakthrough…..

As far as the intermittent fault with the Opto Board is concerned, I have established that the problem lies with either the 12V or ground wires going to the plug. I established this by carefully pushing the cables into the plug receptacles ever so slightly with a small screwdriver. Whereas the problem didn’t go away, it improved significantly. So I just need to improve the connection to the plug to solve this problem…

And, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but having removed the opto board from the plug, I took one of my 1N4004 diodes, put the cathode in receptacle 4 and the anode in receptacle 5 of the plug, to simulate an “on” opto switch. I then actuated the left outer lane switch of the main play field and the pseudo opto switch didn’t switch off!!!! So my long running problem is definitely with the opto board.

But what’s the problem?

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