Centre Targets

The centre targets take a pounding in the AFM (after all, this is one of the major shots in the game). As such the guides in front of the left and right centre targets come under a lot of abuse. This causes these guides to distort and (eventually) break off with time. So what kind of solutions can operators in the field implement to repair this or prevent this from happening?

One could simply use a piece of angled bracket out of aluminium, cut approximately to fit the location:

Nice use of aluminium angle as a guide

Look at that custom (non green, non square) Martian target!

Alternatively, one could support the centre guide from behind with a bumper post:

Supporting the right centre guide with a bumper post - nice!


For obvious symmetry: the custom right Martian target (round and in white) without target spongue:

Right custom Martian target - minus spongue

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