Repairing the mess under the mothership

Finished repairing the damage between the Mothership drop-target and Mothership hole today. Here’s how it went:

Firstly I drilled four holes into the damaged area and glued 4 stumps of matches into the holes. This was to give the thin wall between both holes more strength.

Dividing wall strengthened with matches

With hindsight, I should have used toothpicks to strengthen this section, as toothpicks are made of a hard wood, whereas matches are made of soft wood. Still, better than nothing!

Next was building the wall up with “PC Lumber”:

Dividing wall built up with "PC Lumber"

Finally, having waitied for the wall to dry I sanded it down with sandpaper, trying to mould the right profile:

Repair ready for painting

Just the painting left to do now.

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