Disaster strikes – yet again!

A bit of cleaning was undertaken today, with the ultrasonic cleaner. I used it to clean the bits and pieces from the cabinet door and various bits and pieces for the cabinet.

In attempting to take the “Launch Ball” button apart to clean it thoroughly, I broke the disc with the text on it:

Broken disk

These discs can’t be bought separately (only the entire button assembly with plastic housing, switch and lamp) so I tried to repair it using Pro-Weld (which melts the parts together instead of sticking them and should therefore gives a stronger bond) and touching up the text:

Repaired disc

Touched up

Finished article

Although not perfect, the button looks a lot better than it did. However unfortunately light shining from the back shows the two cracks, meaining that I’m going to have to think of another solution.

So I’m currently looking to see whether any pinheads have an old button which they don’t need (in any condition). As this button is used on Attack from Mars, Champion Pub, Demolition Man, Dracula (Williams), Johnny Mnemonic, Medieval Madness, Monster Bash & Popeye I might be lucky…

If not, I could always try making my own – the problem here being that the disc would have to be made in such a way, so that the light from the bulb is dispersed evenly across the entire surface area of the disc – not an easy task!

UPDATE: It turns out that I didn’t break the disc after all. By scrutinising the photos I had taken of the disassembly process, the cracks were clearly visible in the Launch Ball button having taken it off of the cabinet. Makes me feel a lot better:

Photo of Lauch Button taken at time of disassembly. The cracks are clearly visible.

Considering these buttons cost less than 6 dollars at MAD Amusements (US) I just bought a new one (and sold this one to a pinhead in Germany for half the price).

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