What’s this for?

Whilst putting the cabinet back together again, I came across a part which mystified me. Do I really need to put it back in place:

What's this part do?

A close-up of the mysterious part

Time to go on the forums to ask this very question.

I got some interesting responses, from “it’s to help balance the machine”, to “it’s to make the wood sound thicker, so that thieves who want to break in to the machine believe that the wood is 7cm thick instead of just 2cm” to “it’s to prevent anyone from releasing the lockbar by going in through the Start button”.

All of which were incorrect, as it turns out.

The actual answer was to be found on Pinside. Lloyd Olson had once written on RGP that these “cabinet blocks” were there to “Keep the playfield from sliding to the front of the cabinet in shpping, bending the playfield hangers.”

Question answered. Thanks Lloyd!

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