New Thing Box

Marked Thing Box

Marked Thing Box

My Thing Box is marked. It always was. So I have three options: either I cover it in one of the several available sticker sets, I mod it like this or I simply get a new one.

As I’m trying to keep my TAF as original as possible (with only a few slight improvements) at this stage I’ve decided to go for a new box.

To remove the marked box meant me having to remove both the telephone plastic assembly and the acid plastic assembly. From the two, the acid plastic assembly was the most dificult to remove as to do so (without removing the plastic ramp) meant using a ratchet spanner within a very confined space (I did this as I want to continue playing pinball even with the box removed). As they say – “lazy people take most pain”.

Having removed both assemblies it was a simple matter of taking out three screws to remove the box (for some reason there were only three screws holding my box down, although it was designed for four).

Incidentally, in removing the acid plastic assembly, I revealed two #44 GI lamps which weren’t working. I wonder how many years ago they burned out?

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