Display Foil

I saw some display foil for the dot matrix display (DMD) advertised on flippermarkt.de. The idea of this foil is to reduce display glare from the pinball glass – even with the fantastic new glass with minimal reflection (which I still haven’t got), the DMD reflection can still be seen and so could disturb, so I acquired one.

It turned up today and my first impression was one of disappointment. I guess it’s just a polarising sheet preventing light from travelling in the vertical plane. However by testing the foil – by putting one end at right angles to the other, which due to the polarising nature should block all the light – some light was still seen to shine through.

Still, I will need to test the foil in situ on the machine itself to see whether it actually brings anything. Unfortunately I don’t have my glass mounted on the machine at the moment, so this test will have to wait.

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