Switch Covers

Plastic Switch Cover

Plastic Switch Cover

I’ve been looking for some switch covers for some time. These are to cover the ugly microswitch + diode combinations on both of the ramps, at the entrance gate to each ramp. I’ve seen some examples of these being used on a TAF, but haven’t actually located any to-date.

However I read on RGP today that it is possible to make these covers yourself, the instructions being on this website. Basically it uses plastic which is in a liquid state, but if applied to a solid base as a thin film, dries when exposed to air. To make the switch covers, it is just necessary to produce a form of the right size and then apply several layers of the plastic on the form, by dipping it into the liquid plastic letting it dry and repeating several times until the right thickness is achieved.

Despite the fact that “Plastidip” is an American product it is also available in Europe from Plastidip Deutschland GmbH, so I have ordered some to try out.

Watch this space…

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