The BIG day

Well it has taken months in coming, but today is the official start day of the big TAF Pinball Machine clean up.

I think I’ve prepared well for this event, but will no doubt discover something I’ve forgotten on the way.¬†

Today I’m planning to take lots of photos of the playfield and start to dismantle the modules from the playfield. As I remove a module, I’ll be photographing it again in both its completed and broken down status. All photos will be taken on white paper with graduated markings in order to be able to tell the sizes of the screws (for example) more easily. As I intend to “tumble” clean the nuts and screws, it’s important to know which screw belongs to which module. This way of working will hopefully help me.

Incidentally, I found an intersting “Shop Out” Guide on line. Unfortunately this guide is no longer available on line (spotted by an eagle-eyed pinhead on but I managed to save a copy¬†here. Some of the information could help in this process.

Wish me luck!

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