Touching up The Power insert

It was back to The Power insert today. I wanted to redo the yellow and orange “ring” as my previous efforts were much too “lumpy”, so instead of painting the yellow on with a brush I decided to spray the paint on (having removed my previous efforts with isopropyl alcohol). This required me to mask off the areas which shouldn’t be painted. For this I used a paint on masking, which goes on pink and dries clear. I painted the power insert and the orange cloud above the insert to allow me to then spray the paint over a larger area and to hopefully blend it in better with the playfield.

Masked off area around The Power insert

I used a “cheap” airbrush (with compressed air in a can) to spray the yellow paint (thinned with isopropyl alcohol) which finished off pretty thick:

Spray painted - maybe a little too much?

Having waited for the paint to dry, I removed the masking and found that indeed the paint was a little thick, so I gingerly sanded it down to blend it in with the playfield ans insert:

The end result after sanding

Although the colour difference is obvious in the photo, it doesn’t look too bad in real life – not bad for my first spray job on the playfield! Next, the orange frame around the insert….

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