Airbrushing the orange ring around The Power insert

I actually got around to airbrushing my The Power insert today!

Having cut out the mask for the orange ring on my CraftRobo plotter and transfered it to the playfield, I was ready to go:

Mask applied to The Power insert

So I covered the exposed areas of the playfield with newspaper and then sprayed on an undercoat of acrylic white paint, followed by a layer of orange acrylic paint (which had been made up from a mixture of orange, white and fluorescent yellow paints):

The Power insert, finally completed

Having completed the ring, it now stands quite proud of the playfield. In fact it feels nearly as high as the mylar! There are three contributing factors to this:

  1.  The white undercoat (which is necessary to brighten up the orange) means there are a total of two layers
  2. I used my cheapo airbrush (with compressed air in a can) limiting my control of paint flow
  3. This was my first ever airbrushing of a playfield

So I’m sorely tempted to try again to see if I can improve the results…

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