Ablaze LEDs

I was following a thread on RGP and came across some new LEDs which were meant to be better and cheaper than other LED solutions for pinball machines from Pinball Life. I’ve always had a desire to use LEDs for the pop bumpers and one of the #555 wedge base lamps equivalent was available with a frosted┬álense and flat head. This, I thought, would be ideal for the pop bumpers:

Ablaze 1-LED #555 Wedge Base Lamp With Frosted Lens

Even though the LEDs only cost 39 US cents each, shipping them from the US to Germany would have cost $28. So an alternative solution needed to be found.

Fortunately on RGP I found a fellow pin-head who was ordering from Pinball Life anyway and he ordered my Ablaze LEDs for me and then shipped them to me for a measly 2.20 Euros. A lot better!

So I tried them out today and they looked great:

Ablaze LEDs blazing away in the pop bumpers

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