Preparing the playfield for clear-coating

In order to prepare the playfield for clear-coating I needed to cover the pop-bumpers in the graveyard. And as the playfield is still in the pinball machine I had to protect the cabinet also.

For the pop-bumpers, I constructed a custom box cover which fit snugly over the pop-bumpers and held it down to the playfield with masking tape, using the stand-up targets as anchors:

Graveyard cover

The cabinet was then protected with newspaper:

Playfield ready for clear-coating

Incidentally the photos above show that I had originally protected the rear of the playfield as I only wanted to clear-coat the visible areas of the playfield. This, however, would have have made sanding the exposed areas of the playfield harder than it needed to be, so I removed it again, thereby exposing the entire top half of the playfield.

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