Clear-coating the playfield

In order to prepare the playfield for clear-coating I started by dry-sanding the exposed area with 1200 grit wet-and-dry sand paper ensuring the whole exposed playfield was “roughed-up” and dull in appearance. I vacuumed up the resulting debry from the playfield before using a damp cloth to remove any dust remaining and just to ensure there was absolutely no bits left on the playfield, wiped it down with a tack-cloth.

I then took my spray-can of 1K clear-coat varnish and applied four light coats of clear-coat, each coat consisting of both a horizontal and a vertical spray pattern in a criss-cross pattern. I left 5-10 minutes between each coat to give each coat an opportunity to breath. This methodology was chosen having read many different guides on clear-coating on the internet.

So it came as a big surprise when the resulting clear-coat came out disappointingly:

First clear-coat covering

Time to turn to one of my local forums ( for help.

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