Saving the playfield – part 3

With two thick coats of clear-coat on the playfield, I felt confident in sanding the surface flat with 1200 grit sandpaper. As the previous clear-coat had raised the touch-up aroud The Power insert however, sanding down the surface actually removed the some of the orange colour, meaning I had to re-touch it up. I therefore took the opportunity to make a few other small touch-ups particullarly around the inserts.

I then applied another two coats of clear-coat to the playfield as before, applying them wet in a criss-cross pattern and leaving 10 minutes between each coat. The results were much better and definitely something I could live with. There were, however, some significant spots around the inserts – especially in the mansion – where the clear-coat had sunk.  I intend to fill these small dents with superglue prior to the final sanding, once the clear-coat has fully dried out.

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