Rollover switches

I intend to attach as much stuff under the playfield first, as I don’t like the thought of all of those bits and pieces dangling under the playfield, potentially shorting something somewhere. So today I reattached all of the rollover switches.

Unfortunately the shooter lane switch was broken. Actually, it was the metal wire which was broken. So it was time to either get a new switch or repair the existing one.

Well it so happens, that I had already bought some stiff wire exactly for such a repair, but now that it came to using it, I noticed that the replacement wire is actually thicker than that of the existing switches. Nevertheless, I decided to attempt a repair – even with this thicker wire.

Now the formed wire is attached to a blade which is then attached to the switch housing. In order to replace the wire therefore requires the broken wire to be removed from the blade. The blade has two arches formed in it through which the wire passes and secured (quite possibly using heat treatment). Then the wire is spot welded to the blade – a very secure and stable set-up. Unfortunately replacing the wire therefore is nigh on impossible!

Original rollover switch wire attached to switch blade

So, with a Dremel (equivalent) I cut along the length of the wire at both arch supports and at the spot weld until the wire broke free. I had to be very careful here, so as to not damage the blade. I then formed the new wire to the right shape and was able to use the cut arches (which now had a “U” shape) to position the wire. Using superglue, I stuck the wire to the blade and once dry, used an epoxy glue to secure the wire in position.

Repaired wire and blade

There are two pivot points moulded onto the switch cover. For the shooter lane switch, the one furthest from the edge should be used. Having mounted the blade/wire onto the switch body, I reassembled the switch onto the playfield.

Shooter Lane switch repaired

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