More Teething Troubles

My old flasher problem raised its ugly head again today. Even though I thought I had solved it way back in June of last year (see here) I obviously hadn’t. I reported the problem as being one with the plug/socket connectors on the flasher circuits under the playfield. So not only did I tighten the contacts again, but I also used some contact gel (Bulb Grease) which I had bought in the US some time back, to improve each of the contacts.

Still no joy.

Once again, some judicious prodding under the playfield provided the answer (hopefully). The 70V supply for the flashers is daisy chained accross the flashers. For the connector between the Telephone and Train Wreck flashers two 70V cables go into one plug. These cables didn’t have a reliable contact, however, which appeared to be resulting in the fault. So I simply dropped solder into the joint of the connector to make a good contact between the two wires – and it worked! The flashers all looked bright and amazing, accentuating the excellent lighting effects of the pinball machine. Brilliant.

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