Wireloom labels

I was inspecting one of the cable looms yesterday and although I had cleaned it, the sticky label around it, with the part number on it, had collected dirt and looked awful.

When I removed the cable originally, I was planning to leave it like this, but yesterday it looked a lot worse, for some reason. So, off with the old:

Old and dirty cable loom lable - ready for scanning

I scanned in the label, reproduced the barcode in Code 39 format, using the Barcodes Inc website; squished and squashed a font in Photoshop until it closely matched the font used on the label; printed the label out on normal white paper; cut the outline of the label using my plotter; cut the same outline on some matt clear sticky paper; cut the paper label in half and stuck the printed half to the back of the sticky foil, et voilá:

New set of labels for the three wirelooms

Because of the amount of time it had taken to duplicate the font and find the right source and format for the barcode, I finished off making all three labels for each of the looms.

Finicky, or what?


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