Stripping the playfield

As I learned whilst stripping my TAF playfield, key when stripping a playfield is to take lots and lots of pictures – the idea being you know where all those screws, nuts and posts go, when you come to putting everything back together again. You should NEVER take a short cut here.

Even so, whilst stripping my AFM I didn’t take my own advice (which I might end up regretting one day). Instead I found a website where the AFM stripping process was meticuously described in detail, in stages, with each stage having a photo and exactly what needs to be taken off (including the number and types of screws, washers, nuts and playfield pieces). So all I had to do, was to take photos of the parts which I had taken off at each stage.

This website belongs to Robert Winter and the relevant pages of Robert’s site can be found here. And just in case this link one day┬áis no longer live (as unfortunately happens much too often these days) I took a copy of the relevant pages for my future reference.

Thanks Robert!

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