Taking stock of the playfield

So having got the playfield cleaned of all parts Рboth front and back, it was time to take stock of the work to do on the playfield.

Unfortunately the original playfield which was in my AFM seemed to have a mylar sheet over the playfield, which was coming up at the edges, was cut with a knife in places and was pulling the insert lettering off of the inserts in other places. It was terrible.

Time to look for an alternative.

Fortunately a pinballing friend of mine, who also has an AFM had replaced his playfield with a reproduction playfield. On inspecting his original playfield, it was obvious that his was in a far better shape than mine. So I convinced him to sell his old one to me -thanks Marcel!

So taking stock of my “new” playfield, there was still plenty for me which I needed to work on:

Typical insert wear

Typical damage between mothership drop-down target and mothership hole

Significant damage at the SOL hole - all six colours are affected!

Typical rollover switch damage to clearcoat

Significant damage to playfield behind Martian 'T' target

Damage caused by left ramp flap and damage to playfield from post

Damage caused by right ramp flap and damage to playfield from post

More insert wear on the edges of the stand-up target lights

Typical wear leading up to SOL hole

Insert coming away from clearcoat bottom left

Damaged left inlane and faded orange frame

The left inlane rollover switch hole is not only damaged, but the orange frame is faded

Damage on wood between kick-out and shooter lane

Insert outline damage - the insert is also lifting bottom right

Fading in the orange highlight to the left - this is hidden though

Plenty to do here, so I’d better get started!

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