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Anoying ball trap

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Having played my ST:TNG now for quite a while, it has become ever increasingly more annoying that the pinball sometimes becomes trapped behind a hanging ramp switch on the Alpha Ramp. The only way to get this stuck ball out is by removing the glass and physically taking it out. The problem here is that the switch has been replaced with the incorrect switch with an incorrect actuator.

Having acquired a new switch (second hand) from a forum memeber on my favourite forum ( I proceeded to replace the existing one. And what I found was an interesting hack. The switch had been replaced (with the incorrect switch) and the leads had been simply twisted together and covered in normal sticky tape:

Sticky tape used instead of insulating tape....

... covering twist connected leads


Completed the Mansion

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Well I actually managed to complete the Mansion today – with the red question-mark window giving me 50 Million points and lighting the Special on the outlanes (only one of them though, which alternates between left and right with the flipper buttons- if I’m not mistaken.)

Didn’t find out what the Special outlane gives you though, as I drained down the middle, and it didn’t carry over to my last ball 🙁

One day though, one day……..